When IVY is used

AROUND THE CLOCK customer service

Two-thirds of student questions are asked after hours!  Ivy extends your availability to 24/7, so online users can ask their questions when they come up. The bot works when you don’t, increasing the number of students served and eliminating barriers to success. 


Reduce staff burden

Ivy lightens the load for your staff members by autonomously handling your student questions.  Your team will no longer begin each day next with a pile of questions they've seen before.  They can focus on larger, more valuable projects without interruption.


No wait time

With Ivy, there is no limit on the number of students that can be helped at once. Not only can they ask their questions without a wait, but the response is immediate too! 

Measureable roi

Ivy’s analytic capabilities show how your key performance indicators are improved since implementation of the bot. You get specific insights about your students, such as the most popular questions, demographic, or usage time.