Avoid the campus service run-around

Simply put, subpar campus service has a direct, negative impact on student satisfaction.  In today's mobile, on-demand world, students want answers quick and they want it 24-7.   Stop the run-around, and let Ivy support your entire University.


"I have a transfer admissions technical question, where do I ask?"

Not all questions are clearly answered by any one department, but if you let Ivy lead, she can answer the question or properly redirect to someone who can.


"Should I go to financial aid or the burSar's office?"

Because Ivy has been tailored to meet the needs of different campus departments, she can answer a variety of questions no single department could.


"Will my financial aid cover my room and board this year? will anything be left over?"

Not only does Ivy know the basics, she can always provide specific information based on the specific student's needs and account.