Kick Off & Goal Setting

Ivy is a custom solution and we start by understanding your goals and objectives.

Whether it's improving customer service, outreach-communications, or driving lead generation, we'll build a bot that supports your needs.



Bot Training

Ivy will learn all of your content including web pages, PDFs, videos, and more. 

We'll train Ivy to answer your students' most pressing questions and connect them to your resources.

Plus, we'll train your staff to get the most out of Ivy!

Play in the Sandbox

After we build your bot, you'll be able to test it in your sandbox before going live.

We'll make sure that the bot is trained and ready to serve your students.



Copy Paste Chatbot

Just copy one line of code to your website.  That's it!

Adding Ivy to Text Messaging or  Facebook Messenger is also a snap!

Continuing Education for Ivy

Any question that Ivy misses is added to a human curated inbox.  As your staff responds to missed questions, Ivy learns that content for the future.