Continue the conversation

Ivy gives you the opportunity to maintain conversations with users outside of your website, through the Facebook Messenger app. This makes your information easily accessible to students and makes it simple for students to ask questions in the future.


Position your university

Implementing an Ivy chatbot through your university’s facebook page will position your school as a high-tech institution. Users will perceive you as responsive, helpful, and innovative through their interactions with the bot. 


Boost Convenience

Online users are already comfortable with the Facebook Messenger app, and don’t have to alter their habits or word choice when chatting with the bot. This gives students another avenue to get answers according to their preferred platform.

Share Rich Content

This platform is commonly used to share photos and videos between friends. Ivy can continue this trend and share helpful visual content pertaining to questions asked. 



Spread Knowledge

Students can easily share the bot’s answers with their friends and family, keeping everyone in their circle on the same page. Ivy helps you capture some of the virality associated with social media.