Talk on their preferred platform

Now you can reach students right where they are. Pushing your messages through text increases the chances the student will read it as they do not have to alter their habits or do any work themselves.

Ivy Facilitates Student Success

Students get an extra hand to reach their goals since Ivy can answer questions and send important reminders. Keep students on track and give them the resources they need!



Bots vs Human replies

Ivy is flexible. Messages can be automatic personalized responses from the bot or they can be sent directly from your staff. You can even use a combination of the two.

Outbound Campaigns lead to Inbound traffic

Send out reminders such as “The FAFSA deadline is coming up!” to a bulk of students. Then watch as Ivy replies to individual follow up questions as soon as they come in. 



Send Surveys

Ivy can prompt students to fill out surveys with their contact information through text. This data will be collected and stored on your database to be used later.